We would like to thank our sponsors as well as others who have so generously supported us. Without their enlightened thinking this innovative global project could not have happened.

David Andren
The Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach
Daphne Astor
Susan Baldock and Giles Rottenberg
Pauline and Matthew Bickerton
Tony and Debbie Bone
Robin and Caroline Boyd
Lena and John Boyle
Francis Carnwath
Robert and Bambina Carnwath
Dr Tom Carnwath
Tony Chambers
The Paul and Louise Cooke Endowment
Georgina David
East Anglia Art Fund
Mark Fairweather
Andrew Heald of Fishers Gin
Felicity Guinness
Diana Hiddleston
Patty and Michael Hopkins
Anthony Horowitz and Jill Green
Richard and Rachel Hywel Evans
Simon MacDowell
Nicholas Marshall
Stephanie Powell
Gary Rowland and Olivia Pomp
Andrew and Juliet Quicke
John and Judith Rowe
John and Ann- Margaret Walton
Caroline Wiseman
David Ellis, Why Not Associates


Click here to see photos of us enjoying Fishers Gin Belini’s in Venice.